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Trade IN EU (TIE) extends Tax & Legal expertise for the Indian market, through its knowledge partner Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan (LKS). LKS is headquartered in New Delhi and with offices in major cities of India, to service its clients.


Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan (LKS), have a well established Tax & Legal Practice for over 25 years. Many European, including German companies, rely on the expertise of LKS to help resolve tax related queries, managing cross-border business transactions which require good understanding of local laws of the land and managing compliance within ever changing tax structures and rules. Dedicated teams support both the areas of Direct (Income) and Indirect (Customs, VAT, etc) taxes.


Clients actively seek opinions before conducting cross-border trade, to ensure that not only the entry tax (Customs), but also VAT or local taxes, are also well adhered to, before starting continuous transactions. LKS Tax teams can also guide on formulating Transaction Pricing, so as to comply with local tax norms. Formulation of invoicing, including declaration of terms of sale on the invoice, form an important element of conducting smooth business.


LKS team comprises of Lawyers and subject matter experts, who can guide companies from start up phase to establishing and running the business within the laid down norms. Often, the changes in law impact businesses severely. A planned legally compliant operation, always results in superior business results. And clients are always encouraged to adopt simple yet effective strategies for developing their business, in compliance with the norms.


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