Dealing with international trade, requires a thorough understanding of the trade compliance - both financial (tax) and legal (law of the land) applicable in the destination Country. These compliances impact international transactions. The destination local regulations become applicable, as your goods and services cross borders and land in foreign territory. Ensuring that the transactions are effected smoothly, requires a well understood and compliant transaction.


Everything about the goods and services trade, like transaction price, invoice value, declarations, exact details of the shipper and buying party, content of the shipment and its end usage, are relevant and governed by various stringent laws. So for any company conducting such transactions, requires careful handling of the trade compliances. Any oversight can be too expensive for the trading parties.


Trade IN EU (TIE), expertise lies in identifying for your business needs, not only for logistics, but also tax and legalities, which will help your business carry out the trade transactions in compliance with the law of the land.


For example, in dealing with the Indian market, compliance with various Trade Laws may be involved, such as:

  • Indian Contract Act 1872
  • Income Tax Act 1961
  • Companies Act 1956

...amongst various others.


TIE experts can advise on ensuring compliant processes and transactions for ensuring seamless trade. We work with best of the class knowledge partners, experts in the fields of Taxation and Legal, to guide your business.


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