Trade IN EU (TIE) specializes in consulting services, to strategically guide organizations in diverse areas of business. Our Consultants bring many man years of experience in various leadership roles at multi-nationals and geographies, to extend their consulting expertise. Today, the challenge for any business is to manage their operations in a cost effective manner, while ensuring higher customer satisfaction. TIE expertise will not only analyze existing conditions, but also suggest changes, that will yield better results. And there by increase your business's efficiency.


Our key services cover Consulting, IT Solutions, Project Management, Compliance and Customs. We guide our clients strategically and tactically, to manage their business, expand operations in to markets like India and Europe in a compliant manner. Our experience of these markets, can help your business optimize the logistics activities, ensuring seamless global supply chains.


Our ability to interface operational activities with smart IT solutions and provide an information backbone, can help businesses realize higher value from their otherwise well operated manufacturing or services.


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