TIE Marketing Services help German Investment Agency to identify potential clients

A German Investment Agency responsible for inviting investments in to its state prospected for international investors, it engaged Trade IN EU (TIE) to connect them to potential investors.

German Skills

German Skills - an Export to India

Our client engaged in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry planned to open a new line of business. TIE strategically consulted the client to augment their continental cuisine offering, backed by German Skills.

Education & Training

Education & Training


A Client engaged in Education & Training field, approached TIE to seek strategic advisory services, for starting up a specialized institute to cater to the niche market of Civil (Construction) Industry.

App Solution

Smartphone App Solution

When an international non-profit organization wanted to create a Social Smartphone App, TIE experts pitched in

Web Development

Web Development for German Client

When a German client wanted to get a website for their editorial business, TIE pitched in with their expertise in web development, offered in cooperation with our technology partner from the US - 'Dotzoo'.

Partner Search

Partner Search

When a German company sought to find a partner in India, to outsource its production, TIE Services were engaged to identify the right partner for the company, given their field of specialization.

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