TIE Marketing Services help German Investment Agency to identify potential clients

A German Investment Agency responsible for inviting investments in to its state prospected for international investors, it engaged Trade IN EU (TIE) to connect them to potential investors.

German states aggressively seek new investors to augment their GDP and enhance trade potential, while also creating new jobs. Thus fulfilling the key goals of economic prosperity and social prosperity. But prospecting investors is difficult and time consuming. So Trade IN EU (TIE) stepped in to do the 'Investor Marketing'. Based on its access to market networks, TIE could identify the lucrative industry segment players and then filter prospective candidates as potential investors from the Indian market. A range of communications and other outreach activities were carried out, using cutting-edge technology solutions, to simplify the acquisition project.

TIE provided its capabilities of identifying the targets, assessing their interest and then shortlisting them for potential discussions. In a simple but effective manner, TIE created a speedy and qualified pipeline for the Agency, so they can focus on the key goal. TIE not only presented a short list, but also helped the client to reduce its time to market.


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