Trade IN EU (TIE), represents and cooperates with industry experts in areas of Tax & Legal Consulting and IT Solutions for the Smartphones, in the European market. TIE offers leading edge solutions and best practices, to overcome business challenges. TIE works closely with the Partners, to offer its Clients the best of breed solutions.


TIE's partners are renowned experts in their respective fields of expertise, to assist clients maneuver through international trade transactions. Get introduced to some of our best in class partners:


Dotzoo, Inc. (DZO) is a leading provider of Smartphone Solutions to worldwide clients and is now servicing European Clients. From simple information Apps to more intense database driven real time information, DzoApps - the division of Dotzoo, Inc. creates customized solutions for their clients. As the sales of smartphones increase, the need for businesses to have their customized apps and hence, have a permanent place in the hearts and minds of their customers will be very important.


Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan (LKS) are amongst India's top Tax & Legal experts, with offices in 8 major cities of India and represent a host of multinational companies, to overcome tax and legal debacles. In over 25 years LKS experts have helped new business formation, regulatory compliance for existing businesses and guided companies on regulatory changes. One of the key areas of support include Intellectual Property Rights, from drafting a Patent Application to Patent Opposition and Strategies for Patent Protection.


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