New Business

New Business

Expanding in a new line of business or starting a new business, is full of challenges of the unexpected. TIE Consulting Services, with its many years of industry experience, can help you identify a launch plan, identifying also constraints, bottlenecks or likely challenges you will encounter, qualify the compliance norms impacting your business and render a go-to market plan with resourcing, logistics, and other desirable inputs, so you can launch your new business fully prepared.


Our guidance and facilitation spans across functions. We also have expertise in taxation and legal, to help identify the rules of engagement for a new business. For example, export of dual use goods in to a new market, may require specific declarations, to ensure smooth customs clearances on arrival. Any oversight of the regulatory norms, may jeopardize the release of the goods and hence, the launch of the products in the market. TIE Consulting services can help you identify the challenges for your new business and ensure a formidable launch plan.


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