India Market

India as a market is an exciting, challenging, large and full of opportunities. Any company wanting to seize a piece of the market with nearly 500 Million consumers [~total population size of Europe], can not ignore India.


However, Indian market has also, like other markets, a set of business rules. Understanding them before stepping in to entering, and ensuring you have a solid plan of action, so you can enter and conquer the market, with the right offering, the right price structuring, etc., are vital to business success.


Similarly, India also offers manufacturing and services excellence, whereby European companies can benefit from sourcing them from India. And do so while full protecting their intellectual property. In sourcing from India, companies have the advantage of sourcing limited quantities, built to exacting German DIN or EU norms. And save on input costs.


Indian also offers the unique advantage as a hub for global supply chain programs. Due to the beneficial Bilateral Trade Treaties with specific countries, imports are allowed at preferential rates of duty and in some cases at nil rates. This can translate to very high impact on the cost of goods, even though there are costs of logistics involved. Companies can benefit from a third country billing, etc..


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