Trade IN EU (TIE) ensures your success in India, through the help of chosen and proven logistics partners. After all, getting the right product or services, to the right market, in the right time adds tremendous credibility to your leadership position! To ensure that your 'Global Supply Chain' moves, stores and distributes the goods and after-sales parts moving smoothly from different locations, TIE's Logistics Partners let you take advantage of various cost and operating efficiencies.


Are you are an international company seeking ways to:

  1. improve logistics of your goods in to, or from Indian sub-continent?
  2. managing customs clearance (declarations) in a compliant manner?
  3. ensuring shipment paperwork customs is in order with the land of the law?
  4. identifying the right logistics partners?
  5. storing and distributing goods optimally for maximum local reach?
  6. managing the supply chain network to reduce operating costs?


TIE offers its expertise in supporting clients in all of the above areas, to ensure optimization of your logistics demands. TIE Partners have specific areas of strength, to meet your logistics needs for international trade. Be it pan-India warehousing capabilities, or moving goods - both these can be achieved through a network of operations, seamlessly backed by an IT backbone, to allow complete visibility of stocks on move.


Additionally, TIE's Logistics Partners offer product specific Customs Clearance know-how. So your products can enter and cross the Customs Controls under full compliance. And without risking your Export or Import credibility.


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