Logistics Consulting

Success in any market depends on how well you organize your "Logistics"? After all, getting the right product or services, to the right market, in the right time adds tremendous credibility to your leadership position. This is even more relevant in a 'Global Supply Chain' environment, where you bring in parts and pieces together from different locations, to take advantage of various cost and operating efficiencies. Then the operations for just-in-time assembly line feed and/or lean manufacturing can be easily fulfilled.


TIE expertise can help you unravel the simple yet complex logistics systems, specially from / to India. From managing exports in to India, to customs clearance, storage and distribution, the various international trade processes can be optimized.


Are you are an international company seeking ways to:

  1. improve logistics of your goods in to, or from Indian sub-continent?
  2. managing customs clearance (declarations) in a compliant manner?
  3. ensuring shipment paperwork customs is in order with the land of the law?
  4. identifying the right logistics partners?
  5. storing and distributing goods optimally for maximum local reach?
  6. managing the supply chain network to reduce operating costs?


TIE offers its expertise in supporting clients in all of the above areas, to ensure optimization of your logistics demands. Engage with our experts to know how we can help you optimize your logistics for international trade.


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