The "Made in Germany" label has been a hallmark of quality and engineering excellence. Germany is not only well known for its machine tools and automotive products, but also excels in Research & Development. Considerable work is carried out in R&D, with a strong emphasis on building quality products.


Foreign companies can gain through the German market in many ways:

  1. Leverage the engineering, product design excellence
  2. Presence in the hub of Europe with easy access to neighboring markets
  3. Produce exportable high quality "Made in Germany" products

Entry in to the German market can be through many routes. There are special investment packages and concessions available, which allow large scale employment generation, as much as for setting up a smaller Rep / Sales office. Partnering with a German company allows a foreign company to understand the systems and procedural ways of working, before they can set up on their own. And the same advantage exists in acquiring a German company, for direct access to an established market. Thus, acquisitions can be favorable to entering the German / EU markets.


Indian IT M&As in Europe


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