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TIE can help your business deliver higher value, by backing the physical processes with Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions. As all businesses rely on data processing, the quality of this information processing in real time, can lead to a difference in managing some of the business challenges.


Our ERP Solutions are aimed at the Small & Medium Enterprises, who can only make limited investments in IT Systems. Our tailor made solutions allow the ventures to function with a higher degree of operational control, providing a line of business specific solution.


While pre-packaged software have their advantages, we specifically develop custom tailored solutions. Our experience and belief is that there is no one solution, that fits every unique business model or need. And to ensure the Information System Solutions can drive your key goals better through such customization, our Consulting team studies your existing physical business processes. We identify the gaps and suggest optimization, often by slightly changing the existing processes or at best, simplifying or improving them through the use of IT systems.


So if your company wants to offer an electronic web tool for your clients to carry out cost estimates, or execute an e-order, or simply look up a database, we can enable these solutions, using a mix of web based front end over robust databases, smartly queried to deliver the right results quickly. We can build in the dashboards to allow you complete visibility of your business at a snap shot.


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