Corporate Social Responsibility

Trade IN EU (TIE), while engaging with corporates as business consultants, also lays equal importance to contributing socially to the society we are all part of. Our consultants engage in many projects, with varied levels of involvement, from monetary to personal time and effort. We engage with our ideas, when other constraints do not allow us a more open involvement.


TIE lays a clear emphasis on social engagement, with a view to make a better world that we live in. In this spirit, our teams engage in various ways, to give back to the society and contribute in simple yet effective ways, such as:

  1. Engaging ecologically
  2. Supporting the underprivileged
  3. Fostering inter-cultural exchange


As a prime focus, we engage and do all things eco-friendly:

  1. Printing only when absolutely necessary and eliminate waste, both of printing toners and paper.
  2. Using recycled paper - even used sheets to save paper and ultimately trees from being cut to make paper.
  3. Use of natural light during daylight hours and using Energy Saver lamps, to conserve & reduce energy demands.
  4. Our printers are switched on only for the period required.
  5. Usually our Consultants travel with Public Transport (some with bikes), to contain Carbon emissions.


Socially we support the initiatives for bettering the lives of underprivileged. We have in the past contributed to such cooperative schools, which help take kids off the street and put them in classrooms, so they can get educated and lead better lives in the future.


And finally, we do believe that an exchange of inter-cultural aspects is also a way to engage with the society. We support and encourage social programs, community services, and more. For example, when the Koeln India Week was celebrated, TIE sponsored the media coverage, to spread the good word amongst the Indo-German society.


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