Our clientele varies from the Small & Medium Enterprises to larger corporates, who seek diverse solutions for specific business challenges. Trade IN EU (TIE) advisory services helps clients get ahead in business. And overcome challenges. We offer the optimal mix of industry expertise, understanding of the problems & challenges and offer effective solutions, to help businesses manage and grow.


As a niche trade consulting team, we focus on each of the projects we undertake. Our teams are dedicated and maintain high level of contact with the clients. And often enough, our clients are equally niche - both in their line of business and specific market interests. They represent diverse sectors such as Aerospace, Education & Training, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Travel Tourism & Hospitality, etc.. Their operations vary from those who are well established in their lines of business, to those expanding operations rapidly. And they engage with TIE expertise and services, to leverage our market and process know-how.


We maintain strict confidentiality guidelines with respect to our engagements with clients. We can however provide references, in accordance with norms agreed with our clients, on a need to have basis.


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