Trade IN EU (TIE) is a team of experienced consultants. They have many man-years of rich and diverse industry experience. These professionals have worked in senior positions in large Multi-National Companies in diverse portfolios across the globe. In parallel to their role of consulting clients, the experienced consultants also act as mentors and guide for nurturing the younger talent - to help them advance in their chosen fields of expertise, through extensive hands-on training and live projects. All Associates and Junior Consultants work under direct supervision of Consultants / Partner.


At Trade IN EU (TIE), we follow a flat matrix hierarchy, which is client servicing oriented. Our teams comprise of cross-functional experts, who are aligned for various projects and deliver value to the clients.


If you are a young and aspiring graduate with a field of expertise, and aspire to be a successful Consultant, the career path starting from an Associate can lead you to be Executive Partner. The typical growth path can be as follows:

Consultant Associate
Senior Associate
Junior Consultant
Senior Consultant
Partner Associate Partner
Senior Partner
Executive Partner


Read more about our career opportunities and connect with us, if you feel you can add value to TIE and its clients.


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