Apps, or more elaborately Mobile and Smartphone Applications are an important part of your business identity today. Companies all over the globe are realizing the benefits of capturing the rapidly expanding mobile clientele, so they can be offered the offers, deals and information - all, on the go!


TIE partners with its technology experts Dotzoo Inc., with many years of App Development expertise to offer you custom built Apps. If you have a business idea or a project that you would like to transform in to an App, TIE can help deliver a customized App solution on both the most popular Android (Phone/Tablet) and iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices.


View the Apps gallery to get an impression of the diverse Apps we have developed and may fit your needs. Whether you are a non-governmental organization, or a small business, we have a solution for all.


Most Apps are being developed for the very popular Android and iOS devices simultaneously, to allow companies to benefit from the ever soaring mobile users population. So even if potential clients are more mobile than before, they can be connected with your business.


Download our brochure (Deutsch & English combined) in PDF format here


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